Application Industry

Railway Industry

KINEX BEARINGS offers comprehensive services in the field of research, development and production of rolling bearings. One of the most important industrial segments in the field of sales is the railway industry.

The start of production in the roller bearing segment for rolling stock dates back to 1959 .

Currently KINEX BEARINGS is one of the leading suppliers of rolling stock axle trains on the European marketand has the right to supply different products for use in the railway industry and other countries. The production of single-row ball bearings used in the railway industry is ensured in accordance with the requirements of the European standards EN 12080 .

KINEX BEARINGS, as also offers supply cabinets for freight wagons with a load of 22.5 tonnes and 25 tonnes per axle.


  • single row ball bearings
  • single row roller bearings
  • bearing cabinets for freight wagons


  • axle bearings for freight wagons, passenger wagons, electric and diesel locomotives, electric and diesel motor vehicles and power units
  • gearboxes, traction control and generators, compressor motors and fan drives, drives and chargers for electric and diesel engine locomotives

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Automobile industry

  • KINEX BEARINGS is one of the leading European suppliers of standard and special roller bearings used in individual vehicle unit assemblies.The success of our company is based on top quality product and manufacturing process, great innovation strength and ability to respond quickly to customer requirements. The use of methods such as virtual simulation, the production of prototypes for functional tests, and proprietary testing facilities reduce development time and ensure the highest possible product quality.Products:
    • special double-spindle bearings for water pumps
    • single row ball bearings
    • special one-row ball bearings
    • needle bearings
    • special single roller bearings


  • gearboxes
  • the gearing of the fifth gear
  • alternators and dynamos
  • starters
  • water pumps
  • coupling

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Textile industry

The development of these bearings is closely related to the solution of the most important elements of textile machinery. Their use is not restricted to textile machines but also to the apparatuses.

Special two-row ball bearings for textile machines are dimensioned for high rotational speeds and relatively low loads. They are characterized by high dimensional accuracy and reliable operation, which guarantees their great utility value.
These bearings are supplied as per customer requirements, as well as some other parts, flexible mountings. In some cases, they are complete integrated bearing units that enable technologically and economically more efficient production of textile machines.


  • special two-row ball bearings for textile machines
  • special two-ball ball bearings for instrumentation
  • single row roller bearings of type VL
  • single row ball bearings of type E removable
  • single row roller bearings for instrumentation


  • robust units of shaping textile machines
  • non-woven spinning textile machines – placement of the spinning chamber and the combing disc
  • storage of textile spindles

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Aviation industry

The main task of the KINEX Airline Division is to offer customers comprehensive solutions in the field of supply of specialty bearings and provided services to the aerospace industry . The KINEX Air Division is an integrated base for research, development, technical, consulting, manufacturing, sales and service activities.

The start of the production of aircraft and special bearings dates back to 1964. By certification according to the international standard AS 9100, KINEX has become one of the major suppliers of bearings for the aviation industry. The production of bearings for applications used in the aviation industry is governed by special technical, production and control regulations. Established workstation is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and machinery that meets stringent standards and production requirements for the aerospace industry.

In addition to the production of aerospace bearings, KINEX holds a certificate according to the international standard AS 9100 for the heat treatment process as well as providing comprehensive services in the field of special processes for the aerospace industry through modern special control devices – MPI, FPI, EDDY and etching control .

  • single row ball bearings
  • single row ball bearings with multipoint contact and split inner ring
  • single row ball bearings with angular contact
  • angled ball bearings with angular contact
  • single row roller bearings

Air bearing applications:

  • current and turboprop engines
  • drive shaft
  • bearing of the main rotors
  • rotary parts of the reducers
  • auxiliary power units
  • starter units
  • air conditioning systems
  • hydraulic and fuel pumps

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Industrial division

Bearing Division KINEX supplies bearings, necessary accessories and OEM service to customers in mechanical engineering as well as distributors in spare consumptions. In addition to standardized roller bearings in basic and modified versions, KINEX also offers a number of special roller bearings designed for mounting in machines, apparatus and equipment in various industries.


  • single row ball bearings
  • single row ball bearings with angular contact
  • single row roller bearings
  • needle bearings
  • tapered roller bearings
  • special PLC bearings


  • Engineering industry
  • Agricultural industry
  • Mining industry
  • paper industry
  • Energetics
  • Food industry

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